My latest idea to waste some space on the internet is to review bad movies.   This combines three activities I enjoy: watching bad movies in the hopes they tip the scales over into awesome, snarking, and writing.  I make no pretense of being educated in film.  I will not be discussing expositions or denouements or cinematography (unless any of these are particularly bad) so if you want intelligent film critique, this will never be it.  I hope to entertain myself and if 3-7 of my closest friends are also entertained, I will consider this a success.  Ish.

I am new to wordpress so please forgive my startup hiccups.  And if you can’t, well then get bent.  No, just jokes!  But seriously, why do you care?

My first review will be coming probably this weekend.  We will be visiting the movie Zardoz, starring (for some reason) Sean Connery.

Until then, toodles!